In 1985, a murder mystery starring some of the greatest comedians in Hollywood was released to less than stellar box office.  The film was based on a board game, it had three endings playing in different theaters and came out in a year when audiences were flocking to another Christopher Lloyd starring comedy.
That film is Clue: The Movie, and it’s the subject of the currently-in-production documentary, WHO DONE IT.  Director Jeff C. Smith has assembled original cast members Michael McKean, Lesley Ann Warren, Colleen Camp, Lee Ving and director Jonathan Lynn to participate in brand new interviews recalling their days in Mr. Boddy’s mansion.
Clue has quietly become one of the most popular cult classics still screening around the country and this documentary really celebrates that” remarked Smith. “The closest thing to a negative comment is when Lesley Ann Warren chimes in on the possibility of a Clue reboot.”