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In the tradition of fan made documentaries like Back In Time and The Shark Is Still Working comes WHO DONE IT: THE CLUE DOCUMENTARY .  Featuring new interviews with the cast and crew of the 1985 cult comedy classic, the documentary has been shooting for over a year and is now in post production.  We are looking to fund a sound mix, musical score, opening credits sequence and possibly more interviews with cast members who have yet to be filmed.  This documentary truly has been an effort of love by a few Clue fanatics and we look forward to presenting it to you, the like-minded members of the Clue club.  Ideally, the movie will be completed by summer of 2018 and ready for festivals and fan conventions.  Thank you, Clue fans, for helping out the cause!  We love you…so…much…that…flames, flames…FLAMES…on the side of our faces…


Bloody disgusting? Clue? Maybe!


BLOODY DISGUSTING was kind enough to write about Who Done It – The Clue Documentary!  Click the link above to see for yourself!


New teaser from “Who Done It – The Clue Documentary” featuring writer/director Jonathan Lynn is released

(Los Angeles, California) We now have a tiny clue as to who done it in the new documentary about the making of the cult classic film, CLUE. In this 35 second teaser, writer/director Jonathan Lynn shares his feelings on being hired to write a movie based on a board game. It can be viewed online at https://youtu.be/Qof59nU8zq8 .

Jeff Smith, the documentarian behind WHO DONE IT, promises there is more to come. “We just finished our interview with Miss Scarlet herself, Lesley Ann Warren. We discussed many topics including the amazing cast, her ‘best buddy’ relationship with Colleen Camp, and her feelings on a CLUE remake (she’s less than enthusiastic about it).”
Colleen Camp, who played the up-to-no-good maid, Yvette, has also been interviewed. More cast members are slated to sit down in front of the camera this summer.

WHO DONE IT is being produced on spec by It Looks So Fake Productions.

For more information, visit their social media sites on Facebook and Twitter (@itlookssofake).

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